Modern Artistic White Porcelain Fine Mesh Tea Strainer w/ Stand

Kansai Matcha

Modern Artistic White Porcelain Fine Mesh Tea Strainer w/ Stand

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Kansai Matcha is dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality of materials used in our products. We scour through manufacturers to find top-notch teawares that can be used in a professional setting, as well as a casual one. We offer a wide variety of Traditional and Modern Teawares, including teapots, tea kettles, teacups, tea trays, strainers, and much more! We also have complete tea sets and travel sets that come in a variety of materials; ceramic, glass, porcelain, etc.

All of our Teawares and Accessories come with the Kansai Matcha Seal of Satisfaction, which is our own personal guarantee to you on the successful delivery of product(s), satisfaction of quality and functionality, and includes our customer support line, a catalog of product recommendations, upcoming sales & discount codes, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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