Brad's Matcha

As someone who consumes a Matcha Tea daily, it has been really enjoyable to see the affirmation of the healing powers of Matcha in the news recently. Perhaps it is a reaction to the instant-gratification culture, but a slow-brewed Matcha Tea gives a chance for pause in a busy day. Or maybe it is the reflective nature of a handmade beverage, so simple and yet with a deeper connection to a history that reveals itself upon the reflection of the drink... the natural taste of the leaves, the process of drinking from the cup, or the handmade properties of the unique Chasen Whisk.

Then, perhaps more simply, the green. Nature, in it's full. 

Pitt, who exudes likability, general decency, and a sense of humor (dark and a little cockeyed), says he's really gotten into making matcha lately, something a friend introduced him to. He loves the whole ritual of it. He deliberately sprinkles some green powder in a cup with a sifter, then pours in the boiling water, whisking with a bamboo brush, until the liquid is a harlequin froth. “You're gonna love this,” he says, handing me the cup.

I'm glad Brad has found comfort in the Japanese matcha tea rituals.

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